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what type of books do we publish?


Empyrion Publishing is a Christian book publishing company, with an emphasis on the grace and goodness of God.

The vast majority of our books are by Christian authors.

We have, and do also publish mainstream human interest books, and children's books.

We do not publish books of a vulgar or obscene nature.


OUR history & PURPOSE


Years ago, an unknown author had written his first book and tried to get it published. When he found that he realized the expense it would require in order to get the attention of the big publishing houses, he looked toward the small publishers who publish anyone for a much smaller cost than the big houses.

As he researched and spoke to authors who had used these small services, he found that many were disappointed in their promises, their lack of thoroughness, their impersonal coldness, and their hidden fees.

The author worked diligently to learn the world of publishing so he could produce his own book completely, from printing to the bookstore shelves to distribution worldwide. He quickly sold thousands of books.

Friends began asking for his help in publishing their own books, which he gladly did.

In 2009, he founded EMPYRION PUBLISHING.

Our purpose is to help you get your message out. There are many people who have a message that someone needs to hear, but book publishing can be intimidating and expensive.

We want to be a blessing. Empyrion Publishing reduces the intimidation and expense. Our prime motive is to help the author.