The internet has changed the publishing world!

In the old days, it was nearly impossible for an unknown author to get published, unless you paid them many thousands of dollars first.

Now, everyone has a chance! An unknown author with a good book can gain notoriety and make money without going through the big houses.

Empyrion Publishing can put you on the websites of Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, etc., as well as make it available for their brick and mortar stores.

We do the best job for the lowest price.

Empyrion was started simply to help authors get published as simply and inexpensively as possible.

See ABOUT US to see more about our philosophy and motives.

Go ahead. Look at other online publishers, and compare. You will be back.


It's your book. It should be exactly as you want it. We think authors are amazing people and you have our utmost respect. That's why we work with you in a personal way to make the look and quality of your book perfect.

You will always have access, via email or phone to the person who personally oversees your book. 

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getting your book published is now easier than eveR!

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$250 gets you published!

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When the book meets your approval, we release it to the world. Your book is now for sale...



We will send what you need.

You will get an email with your contract and an invoice that you can pay online or by check.




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We'll take it from there. We turn it into a finished book, and send you a copy. 


the process is easy!

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THAT'S RIGHT! This is the publishing company you were looking for.

If your book is ready to be published, Empyrion Publishing will format it into book form, print it, and make it public to the world.

You could be less than a month from holding your first copy in your hand!

We are a full-service publishing company. This price applies to a small book with no other services needed.

See COSTS & SERVICES for all the things we can do for you, such as proofreading, cover design, and Kindle E-Books.